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Introducing OAKO's Solid Oak Collection desks - a testament to craftsmanship, aesthetic design, ergonomics, and smart technology. Each desk is meticulously handcrafted from premium oak and coated with hard wax... Read More

Introducing OAKO's Solid Oak Collection desks - a testament to craftsmanship, aesthetic design, ergonomics, and smart technology. Each desk is meticulously handcrafted from premium oak and coated with hard wax oil. This oil is more water-repellent, stain-resistant than natural oil finished. The coating we use is safe for humans, animals, and plants.

Inspired by Scandinavian design, our desks feature clean lines and minimalist aesthetics. Crafted to order, each desk is unique, boasting natural variations in wood grain patterns.

Built to endure, our desks feature a sturdy 2cm thick oak tabletop with a 4cm thick edge. Adjust height effortlessly with our smart finger-touch control panel, capable of lifting up to 160kg. Plus, enjoy smooth and safe operation with our soft start and stop function and anti-collision sensor.

Choose from three sophisticated colors—Mahogany, Golden Crust, and White Mist. Experience the perfect blend of style and functionality with OAKO's Solid Oak Collection desks.

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    Surface specifications:

    • Made from premium quality oak tree slabs.
    • Coated with ecological linseed oil(Golden Crust)or pigment wood oil (Mahogany)
    • Features a 2cm thick solid oak table top with a 4cm thick edge.
    • OAKO metal logo engraved on the bottom left side of the desk

    If you wish your SOLID oak collection desk to have pre-drilled holes, note the request at the checkout when ordering or inform us in advance via email

    Frame specifications:

    • Best Dual motors system on the market 
    • 160kg lifting capacity / 80kg per leg
    • Frame height range: 64,5cm to 129,5cm (With desktop) 
    • Customizable height limits 
    • Four memory keys 
    • Easy Height adjustments 
    • Superior anti-collision system 
    • Integrated wire management system 
    • Travel speed: 38mm/sec 
    • Adjustable leveling studs under feet 
    • Low noise level: < 46 decibels 
    • Power consumption: 0.3W
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    Return & Exchange

    We’re so convinced you’ll love working with our adjustable standing desks that we decided to offer you the chance to return your desk within 30 days from the delivery date if you aren’t satisfied.

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    Limited 5-year warranty.

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    handset high quality standing frame Considerations CARE INSTRUCTIONS

    Our desk handset offers sleek and modern design that not only enhances the aesthetics of your workspace but also ensures comfortable control over your desk's height adjustments. Featuring a 3-digit display in cm, precise height adjustments are at your command. Enjoy the responsive Up/Down function for effortless customization of your workstation, and elevate your work environment to new heights.

    Save up to four preferred height settings so that you can move from sitting to standing without interrupting your work.

    The under-mount fixture of the handset on our Standing Desks are designed for simplicity and convenience. Installing this fixture is a breeze, thanks to the pre-drilled holes on the right side that allow you to easily attach it underneath the desk's surface. This discreet placement ensures a clutter-free workspace while still providing quick access to the handset for effortless height adjustments.

    With a lifting capacity of 160kg and a swift travel speed of 38mm/sec, it adapts to your needs seamlessly. Its low noise level (<46 decibels) and minimal power consumption (0.3W) make it an efficient and silent addition to any workspace.

    The adjustable frame accommodates most people with a height range of 62,5cm to 127,5cm (without desktop). 


    The installation is fairly simple and takes on average 30-45 minutes for someone with no experience installing standing desks.

    The anti-collision system on our desks is an effective safety feature. It ensures that the desk operates securely, automatically detecting and responding to obstacles in its path. This advanced technology prevents collisions and potential damage, providing you with peace of mind and a secure workspace environment.


    Our desk tops are made from natural oak wood and with that comes certain irregularities like knots or different wood grains. These knots and changed wood grains differ from one wood slab to another and these are a few of the many traits that give our wood its uniqueness.

    Make sure to keep a constant temperature and humidity level, ideally between 18 and 21 ° C and between 45 and 55% for the humidity level. Variations may put your wood top under stress, which may result in cracks and curves.


    Wood is a noble and sometimes capricious material. Make sure to maintain a constant room temperature between 18°C and 21°C and a humidity level between 45% and 55%. Severe variations in temperature and humidity can subject your wood surface to stress that can lead to cracks or twisting. Therefore, place it away from heat sources such as heaters and fireplaces. Also, avoid being too close to a window. 

    Ultraviolet rays (UV) can also damage your surface finish and discolor the wood. For this reason, you should avoid extended exposure to the sun. Also, get into the habit of moving decorative objects (lamps, vases, etc.) that are on your desk to prevent the effects of the sun from marking their location by the surrounding discoloration. 

    Hot objects (coffee cups, dishes, etc.) put in contact with the wooden surface can create a reaction with the finish. At all times, place heat- resistant coasters or trivets on your desk before placing them on your work surface to prevent the wood finish composition from altering and leave undesirable rings.

    Beware of objects that you place directly on the surface of your wooden desk. They could scratch or discolor it. We recommend placing felt pads under any items to avoid scratches.

    We recommend weekly cleaning. Dust your desk regularly with a soft cloth. Any cleaning done on the wood surface should gently follow the grain of the wood. Avoid scrubbing the stain too hard; you don’t want to alter the surface’ finish in the targeted areas.

    Make sure to clean up spills, dirt, or stains quickly - you’ll get better results with less effort!

    Do not use powdered abrasives or other corrosive cleaning products such as hypochlorite bleach, hydrogen peroxide, nitric, hydrochloric acid, or lye. They will most likely damage the wooden surface.

    • Hand Made Surface
    • Matte Finish
    • 100% Natural Solid OAK Wood
    • Four saved height settings
    • Effortless height adjustment
    • Finger-touch control panel
    • 3-section frame
    • Dual Motors
    • Wide height range from 64,5cm to 129,5cm
    • Easy and fast installation

    Why It's a Must-Have

    Handcrafted from oak trees for exceptional quality

    Classic aesthetics and timeless design

    Health - conscious Ergonomic workspace

    Originates from Europe, both surface and frame