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The SOLID OAK DESK measures 180x80cm with color options of Mahogany or Golden Crust. It includes a black height-adjustable frame, cable tray, large monitor stand, and desk pad in your desired colour.

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Elevate Your Productivity.

Elevate not only your productivity but also your well-being and workspace aesthetics – because you deserve a desk that's as exceptional as you are. Transform your workspace into a sanctuary where creativity flourishes and comfort reigns supreme. After all, investing in a desk that reflects your unique style and enhances your workflow is a commitment to your success and happiness.

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This summer, create a beautiful workspace that will stand the test
of time through exceptional design, quality, and craftsmanship.


At OAKO, we understand that your workspace is where you thrive, and that's why our desks are meticulously designed to offer durability, comfort, and a healthier environment for your intense workloads. 

Our mission is simple, but powerful - to create a workspace that's not only more productive and creative but also inspired by the elegance of Scandinavian design.

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