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Oako’s hand-made surfaces are crafted from premium quality oak tree and coated with organic linseed oil to protect and customize the product to the customer's personal taste. Each surface is unique since the wooden boards differ from one another, creating a remarkable and timeless product for your home or office. The desk legs are made from high-quality steel that gives a safe and long-lasting product experience. The leg columns are perfectly aligned to minimize noise when raising the desk and offer excellent balance.

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Enjoy an even more personal experience with OAKO Denmark! A well-designed office desk improves productivity and contributes to a pleasant work environment. Your office design should reflect you and how you like to work. Give your office a lift with a personalized desk that is made to comfort and satisfy you specifically!

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Our finger-touch control panel allows quick and silent height-adjustments that lets you adapt and optimize your workday. OAKO's soft start and stop function ensures that the desk has no delay during usage. Every desk is equipped with a premium dual-motor-system that lifts approximately 160kg. To minimize the risk for damages to the user or the desk it is equipped with an anti-collision sensor, that automatically stops and reverses when an obstacle is met.



Meet OAKO’s “Mahogany”

electric height adjustable desk.


A premium sit-stand desk that inspires you to be creative and feel more productive every single day.


The desk that changes lives to better, healthier and energetic!

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