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OAKO Denmark Heigh - Adjustable desks

Shopping for a desk has never been easier. Just sit back and order directly from our website, or call us and we will prepare your order. Please be aware that our shipping carrier will deliver the desk to your building's doorstep. The shipping carrier will not bring the order up to your floor or apartment. You will get an estimated delivery time with the order confirmation. Note that once the local carrier will have your package at their warehouse/postal terminal, the carrier will contact you to schedule delivery time that suits you best.

All OAKO desks are handmade and it takes extra care and time to create such products. We do not store stock and all desks are made only when the customer has placed an order. This is one reason why OAKO desks are so special because all components are manufactured in the EU based on the highest quality standards.



Norway, Switzerland, United Kingdom. 



Greece, Italy, Portugal, Romania, Spain. 



Belgium, Denmark, Ireland, Finland, Germany, Austria, Netherlands, France, Poland, Sweden, Slovenia, Slovakia, Hungary, Lithuania, Estonia, Latvia, Czech Republic, Luxemburg. 

Your order is going to be handmade with love and from the best oak wood and it will definitely be worth the wait.


Delivery costs will be specified at the checkout depending on the item and its destination unless you have purchased over €1400 - delivery is free of charge. 


In case the delivery driver brought cargo at the agreed time, and no one was present to receive the package, our carrier will coordinate the re-delivery, but with an additional cost of 20 EUR.

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return polcy



You have the right to change or cancel your order within 2 workdays after placing it, without any costs or specific conditions. In order to cancel your order, you must contact OAKO's customer service support. 

If your order has been already dispatched by OAKO Denmark before the 25 working day dispatch date expires, the OAKO team will not accept your request to cancel the order due to the fact that the shipment might be stuck in transit. Our company cannot influence the speed of the transit and predict delivery times (especially speed of customs clearance) that are suitable for countries outside Europe such as the United Kingdom, Norway, or Switzerland.




After the product has been delivered to your doorstep, you have 30 days to change your mind. Note that everything should be in the original packaging, and neither the product, extra supplies or packaging can be damaged, unless this happened during transportation by the carrier. We have taken big care in wrapping every item to avoid any product damage and the order is delivered to you safely, please do the same to us, should you decide to return your product.    


The customer pays the return shipping costs. Once the order has arrived at the warehouse it will proceed through control.     


Once we have received the return at our warehouse, we will refund the price you paid for the order within 14 workdays and credit the refund you are due to the credit or debit card that you made payment with. Please note that we may reduce your refund to reflect any reduction in the value of the goods been caused by your handling, in a way that goes beyond what is necessary to establish the nature, characteristics, and functioning of the goods.  


Unfortunately, your order cannot be returned if it has been customized specifically for you under the customization conditions that we do not normally offer to our clients based on the options available on the website. We have set this policy due to the fact that the order has been fully customized for you and only you, and cannot be used by anyone else.    


The terms and conditions mentioned above are also valid for B2B partners - contact for more info on B2B terms and conditions.  


In case you have received a product that does not qualify to what you have ordered, the order is flawed or damaged, we will replace or repair it free of charge. The flawed or damaged parts must be returned by customer back to OAKO unless there has been mutual agreement that customer can get rid of the items him(her)self.



When you place your order online, we will start creating your new, perfect office desk straight away in accordance with your specified order.     The full amount is paid when the order is placed. We accept and provide secure and encrypted online payments via VISA, MasterCard, Maestro Debit and PayPal terms of sale, order confirmation and all other information regarding your order are available in English. In our shop, all prices are stated including VAT.



OAKO Denmark Heigh - Adjustable desks


We guarantee that the steel frameset, including motors, are free from defects in design, material, and workmanship when purchased. In case you do receive a product with a faulty metal frame or electrical component, as stated above, we will repair or replace the order free of charge.



The warranty is applicable for five (5) years for the frame. 


The warranty is applicable for two (2) years for the motors and the electrical components.

The warranty is not applicable in the following cases:


  • Faults caused by inadequate installation and/or use.

  • All products modified or repaired by the user or a third party other than OAKO Denmark.

  • Normal use damages and scratches.

  • Damage caused by extensive weight used on the electric desk (over 160 kg).

  • Damage caused during a relocation (move) of the adjustable desk.

    * Please note that the warranty is only applicable to the original purchaser with proof of purchase and it is not transferable. These terms and conditions are not valid for B2B partners - contact for B2B terms and conditions.




The oak surface (dark/medium/light) comes with one (1) year warranty.

Our tops are made from oak wood and with that comes certain irregularities like knots or different wood grains. These knots and changed wood grains differ from one wood slab to another and these are a few of the many traits that give our wood its uniqueness. Therefore, the warranty does not apply to the wood grain but is limited to the defect in material and in workmanship. Material and workmanship defects include cracks on the usable surface that can affect the surface’s integrity and the clear separation of wood planks at the seams of the usable surface. It’s important to note that wood is a living material that does not stay still during its lifetime. It is possible that small irregularities appear under the surface or on the sides because of temperature changes or sun exposure. 


We fill the holes and cracks that could have an impact on the durability of your work surface to ensure it stays flat and stable over time. However, for ecological reasons, we do not fill shallow cracks or holes that don’t have such an impact. We fill in the holes or cracks under the worksurface that could have an impact on the durability, but we do not process the wood paste that is not visual while working on the desk to avoid wasting materials. 

At the reception of our product, it’s your responsibility to inspect the usable surface of the wooden top for defects in material and workmanship. The surface will be deemed clear of any defects if no issues are revealed by your inspection 5 days after you received the tabletop. Afterward, any minor cracks or irregularities are deemed to be resulting from the natural movement of the wood.    

If the solid wood surface must be changed and OAKO Denmark no longer has the surface color available in the stock, we reserve the right to replace the wood top with another surface with equal worth. The final decision under any circumstances will be negotiated with the client.   


Please note that oak wood is subject to:

  • Variations in the wood grain (as mentioned above) and dye.

  • A slight change of color over time.

  • Minor cracks and irregularities due to normal wood movement.

  • Bending and cracking, if the room temperature where the surface is placed in is subject to variations of temperature and/or humidity.

  • Scratches if a sharp object is used on the surface of the table, without any protective intermediary surface.

* These situations are not covered by the warranty




For B2B customers the warranty policy stated above applies only to one (1) year.

Please contact OAKO Denmark to specify terms and conditions for business customers.

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