OAKO WOOD OIL 40ml/1pcs.

OAKO WOOD OIL 40ml/1pcs.


OAKO’s height-adjustable desks are made from natural oak, it is a hardwood that has been used to make furniture for hundreds of years, and as a hardwood, it will last for a

lifetime if you take some simple steps to care for it.


Apply OAKO's Wood oil that has been used to create your beautiful OAKO desk. 

You can oil your OAKO desk repeatedly with the oil only if:


- In a few years, you will feel like that your desk has lost its look.

-To fix visiable scratches you might create over time. Please keep in mind that it might be necessary to sand the desk with sandpaper to fully renew damaged spots.

-If you experience marks that can appear from different liquids that have been poired on the surface. 


  • It is not possible to return this product once it has been dispatched. 

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