‘'MAHOGANY MINO ''solid oak drawer

‘'MAHOGANY MINO ''solid oak drawer


OAKO’s “Mahogany MINO“ hand-made drawer is crafted from the premium quality oak trees and coated with dark color ecological linseed oil to protect and create superiority feeling to our products that are made only from  oak trees. 


Highly practical with a minimalistic design - the MINO drawer is built to help organize your workspace. This premium solid wood drawer will perfectly fit with your beautiful OAKO Mahogany solid oak desk. 


Please note that it is not possible to use MINO drawer with OAKO's 120x80cm height-adjustable desk.

  • THIS DRAWER IS ONLY SUITABLE FOR SIZES: 160x80cm and 180x80cm!!!

    • Dimensions 40cm(length) x 14cm(height) x 40cm(width)

    • Drawer components are made of 100% oak tree besided drawer slides that are made from steel. 

    • This drawer fits only with OAKO desks

    • Natural linseed oil finish 

    • Quick and easy installation

    • Handmade in EU

*If you have any questions regarding this product please do not hesitate to chat, call or send us an email.


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Bought the desk several months ago but took me a while until I had time to assemble it. The quality and finishing are very good, highly appreciated the customer support during the manufacturing process when all the details about how the desk should look like in terms of texture, color and so on had been checked.

Delivery time was according to the schedule.

Highly recommend

19 April 2021, 11:42:19



Wow what a desk, every day when I walk into my workroom my mood is lifted right away when I see this work of art of a desk. It feels so nice when you rest your arms on it and the attention to detail is really extraordinary. All these little structures on the table are beautiful and many of my friends ask me where I bought it.

I can definitely recommend buying one of their tables as they are very well made, look beautiful and the service is really great too. Maija in particular was a really great support when I needed it. They were really friendly and always went the extra mile to make the whole process a great experience for me.

I would definitely buy another one!

18 April 2021, 12:19:35


Lukas H.

Ich verfasse diese Bewertung mal in deutsch. Ich war Anfangs etwas skeptisch den Schreibtisch auf der in englisch verfassten Website zu bestellen. Bin nun aber absolut begeistert. Die Qualität ist super. Das Holz kann man abschleifen und neu Ölen sollten nach ein paar Jahren Kratzer vorhanden sein. Der Schreibtisch stoppt automatisch wenn er irgendwo hängt. Der cable tray ist so groß das man Problemlos Steckerleiste und Trafos unterbringen kann und stört weder beim sitzen oder stehen. Aber man sollte schon etwas handwerkliches Geschick mitbringen, da die Löcher zur Montage nicht vorgebohrt oder markiert sind. Das muss man dann selbstständig vermessen. Lieferung erfolgte extrem schnell und in einer riesigen Holzpallette, keinerlei Beschädigung. Ich bin vollstens Zufrieden.

14 April 2021, 17:31:24



I bought this desk a few months ago now, in November 2020.

I definitely wanted a desk that could stand up, and in wood, Oako was pretty much the only alternative.

So I bought the 160x80 desk in the color "Mahogany".

The delivery time was respected, although the day of delivery did not go very well. The person could not get the desk out of the truck, I almost had to do it myself.

After unloading it, good luck getting it to several floors haha.

The wood looks like very good quality to me, as does the metal stand.

That said, I have 3 comments that disappointed me.

The first one is that we have to keep pressing the button for the desk to reach the registered size.

The second point is that there was a problem during the manufacture of the desk, 2 boards are not well connected, there is a difference in size (between 2 and 5mm).

The last point is that in high position, the desk "pitch" a little, not very stable when the desk is raised.

This is still a very good desktop with some flaws to correct in the next versions I hope :-)


12 April 2021, 13:58:23



The desks fits nicely into my new office.
Well made and not too hard to assemble.
Thank you for this wonderful desk, OAKO.

21 March 2021, 11:26:03