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OAKO Denmark ApS is a Danish furniture brand that designs and sells high-end electric height adjustable desks with surfaces made from the oak tree. Each of the OAKO’s desks is calculated to be durable, comfortable and healthier for intense workloads. Our desks are an amazing combination of technology and nature creating an elegant Scandinavian design.    


The natural oak surface makes our desk particularly durable with an astonishing feel of nature and high quality. OAKO Denmark supports and promotes the movement of the height-adjustable desks for a safer and more comfortable work environment.  

More energy increased productivity, and less risk of developing health problems are just a few of the benefits that users have to look forward to when you take a standing against the sitting. Incorporating height-adjustable desks into your everyday office routine makes you ready to stand up for your health!   





Our relentless commitment to our customers, product quality and natural components ensures that our mission is to make a better and healthier work environment for people who want to be more productive, creative and inspired in their everyday work routines.





OAKO Denmark aims to be the industry leader for office furniture in Scandinavia. We strive to push this industry forward by being an essential part of its change, promotion, and development. Our goal is to optimize and improve the work environment for creative people and its technology as we propel this industry forward. We want people to have access to the best desks at the most competitive price.

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