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If you have valid VAT number for EU purchases and wish to place an order with us on your company's name, please read bellow. 

You can check your VAT's validness HERE

Shopping process

Put in the cart all the items you wish to purchase and follow the checkout process.



Carefully fill out all the required information asked at the checkout page. Pay attention to the fact how billing details may differ from the shipping details. 


VAT number

You must provide your company's name and VAT number at STEP 1 where shipping details are being asked.

Screenshot 2021-11-12 at 12.36.59.png


Payment method

You must choose MANUAL PAYMENT method at STEP 3 to receive a payable invoice afterward to the email address you have provided.

Screenshot 2021-11-01 at 15.16.45.png


Payment process


In the invoice you will receive afterward, your country's VAT percentage will be deducted.

Please remember to pay the invoice as soon as you will receive it and send back to us a screenshot of the fact, that transfer has been done. Late payments can delay the process of delivering the order on time.


NON-EU Companies


If you are non-EU company and wish to place an order on your company's name, you have 2 options how to shop on our site. 

Option 1 - You can follow all the steps above and get an invoice where VAT is deducted, but please be aware that you will have to pay all the custom costs including VAT at your country - yourself.

Option 2 - To ease the whole shopping experience for non-EU customers, you can just check out on our website without declaring TAX deduction and we will handle all the custom fees for you. You won't be troubled with paperwork and extra charges. 

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